NAN AVARAN REZA company always tries to have successful changes to introduce Pirazhki dough , Pizza dough and Phyllo dough by using modern machines , proficient personnels and the best technology.

This company with help of its experienced personnels could introduce the best products both in quality compound and in packing compound.
Our company's name is 9595 , and we hope to have best future at IRAN' food compound .Two goals of our company are to introduce the high standards at basic ingredients and to increase the quality level.

  we have a lot of successes in many areas :
-Being sanitarian sample in 2012
-The first pirazhki dough introducing company.
-The first owner of IRAN's national standard certification at producing pizza dough.
-The owner of 18001 and 10002 iso standards.
-The best job creator in 2010.

 NAN AVARAN company  is the first producer of pizza dough and it is the first owner of standard in producing pizza dough in IRAN.
The products of 9595 company are :
-Youfka dough.
-Pizza dough.
-Pirazhki dough

Youfka dough (PHYLLO)
Youfka dough is a new product of 9595 company that produce it in both rectangular shape and triangular shape.
What is youfka? Youfka is an slim dough that has been one of the delicious dish in Turkey.Youfka is popular in Europe and north America by the name of PHYLLO.
You can make a lot of food or pastry with youfka dough like : torte and etc in microwave or even on oven . Both being delicious and easy to prepare , make this food to become a very popular food in many countries . Youfka dough is selling as a semisolid and slim dough in shops.

  The Characteristic of This Product
As we mentioned youfka dough is produced in two shapes (triangular and rectangular).We produce triangular shape because of different ways of baking and the less aback dough for user.

The weigh of each box is 650g that they are 25 slim dough inside it .It is necessary to mention that this dough should be kept in freezer. Before using you should put it in room temperature to become more downy, after that according to the cuisine brush the dough with egg ,melted butter , milk and yoghurt to become prepare for cook.

Pirazhki (Doughnut) dough
9595 company dough has many particular features like:
1.The less oil absorption.(because of its propriety formulation)
2.High protein.(having egg)
3.Having turmeric.(to become golden , based on the main formula ,when it baked.)

Pizza dough
9595 company is the first owner of IRAN's national standard. NANAVARAN company by producing pizza dough with the name of 9595 helps many women and even restaurants , that time and quality are important for them , to bake a great pizza with perfect taste .Of course that a healthy and a high quality pizza dough has a large effect at the final taste of that.

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